Prof (Dr) Diwakar Sukul, PhD

CPsychol, HCPC

Chartered Clinical Psychologist

Dr Diwakar Sukul founded the Kamkus Clinic in Harley Street, London, in 1998 based on his pioneer concept of Multidimensional healthcare.

He also has developed  Body Mind Energy (BME) Assessment, Vedic Psychotherapy and Mind-Body Connective Therapy™. The creation of Kamkus reflects his lifelong vision inspired by beliefs that holistic and traditional medicine should work together, addressing all aspects of the person in an integrated way. He possesses a PhD in psychology with a background in clinical psychology, psychotherapy, Ericksonian Hypnotherapy and NLP.

Diwakar’s work on addiction, stress, depression, emotional health and spiritual development is well appreciated internationally. He is also trained as a Field Traumatologist, Compassion Fatigue Educator and Thought Field Therapist.

He received international recognition for his work with alcohol and drug addiction at Turning Point UK, which he treated with a unique blend of Eastern and Western approaches. He has also conducted several national and international seminars and workshops on stress management, multidimensional healthcare, addiction and other health-related problems. Trained Air Traffic Controllers on Stress management through Mind, Body Harmonics and also developed a specialised alcohol drink-related offenders program with probation services in the past.

Dr Sukul is also a Chairman of the World Book of Records(London) and the Founder of the Vedic Research Centre in London.

He has appeared on BBC TV and several other television programmes discussing integrated medicine. His work in integrated medicine is also featured in newspapers and magazines, including Evening Standard, The Times, and Daily Mail. Here’s health etc.


  • Chartered Member- British Psychological Society
  • Practitioner Psychologist -Clinical Psychologist –HCPC
  • Hypnotherapy Register

Consultant Clinical Psychologist- Priory Hospital (North London), Priory Wellbeing Centre (Harley Street) London, Nightingale Hospital, London


World Book of Records


Vedic Research Institute (London)