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Our approach is driven by the principle of Multi-Dimensional Healthcare which reconciles the very best of Eastern and Western Integrated Medicine available today. Where the conventional medicine is not enough and complementary or alternative medicine can help. Our philosophy is to offer the best line of treatment to the client from the range of integrative medicine after comprehensive assessment.

Our Holistic Approach

At Kamkus, the key to our success is, our holistic approach, where each patient is seen as a whole. We are proud to offer a Multidimensional assessment carried out by a medical doctor, psychologist, and complementary medicine practitioner and provide you with a holistic understanding of your health. A holistic approach means to address every part of your wellbeing.

We are spiritually focused

We are a spiritually focused, clinically and medically relevant treatment facility and our patients have access to some of the best healing techniques across the world and interact with the highly dedicated healthcare professionals. You will not only gain the benefits of treatments, but also be able to learn the skills and knowledge derived from many cultures and how to incorporate the wisdom of centuries with the best advances of modern healthcare technologies.


  • Working with Dr Sukul has been a real revelation in my life. I’ve found myself so much more effective in friendships, family and work. He’s helped unlock new directions in all those areas using a huge range of techniques from a really wide set of disciplines. This breadth, width and depth of knowledge is a rare find.
  • “I found working with Dr Sukul extremely valuable, insightful and useful for my condition. He helped me understanding more about my problems with addiction and depression in a way I haven’t ever experienced before with other therapist, combining eastern and western approaches in a holistic way. He really provided me with a set of tools that could help me tackle my difficult times and walked me through a better way of approaching life and be connected to the world and to myself in a more meaningful way
  • Dr Sukul helped me achieve so much!  In a relatively short period of time I was able to accomplish what seemed insurmountable at the time, shedding self-destructive behaviours and moving past cognitive hurdles I had internalised over time.  By helping me identify self-defeating thoughts, providing me with good advice during a difficult time, and focusing on positive development, Dr Sukul helped me develop a stronger identity, renewed my self esteem, taught me to be kind to myself, all the while nourishing a sense of spirituality that is so essential in finding meaning in everyday life. For all of this, I am eternally grateful to Dr Sukul.
  • "I feel very lucky to have been placed with Dr Diwakar at a time when I really needed help and guidance. His passion for his work is matched with his kindness and empathy for people. He has taught me so much in the short time we have worked together and I can give him a lot of credit for the dramatic results I have seen in my life. I really value his unique holistic approach that brings together healing for the body, mind and soul. Dr Diwakar has been wonderful to work with, and I have gained a new understanding about the mechanics of my mind and body."
  • My journey with Dr Sukul was enlightening and liberating.  Combining numerous different practises we covered a lot of ground as I went from anxious & entertaining very dark thoughts about myself and the future to being calm and centred and excited for life again.  Particular highlights included powerful regression therapy and meditation that allowed me to leave the past, 4-room thinking that allowed me to restore balance and the concepts of Dharma & Chakra helping me understand life as energy release and reformation.  Dr Sukul helped me reframe my thinking and self-perception in so many ways and really challenged me to consider wider possibilities about the nature of life and the universe.