Stacy Tucker

Founder & CEO, Qualia Threads
Cellular Integration Therapist

Stacy worked as a nurse before venturing into becoming a full time clinical investigator. In her nursing career, she noticed healing had a strong nutritive component while helping them in their recuperation efforts.  Apart from medications, good nutrition was highly essential in healing trauma.She further continued to investigate on trauma and its effects on physical and emotional aspects of human body and her research indicated that the manifestation of trauma needed to be evaluated on a cellular level and not on a systems approach. It made her question her practice for years and the western medicine’s approach for healing.She realized that most ailments were essentially cells in trauma and being mindful of such, she has worked on creating cellular reintegration therapy. This therapy is a unique approach combining cutting edge cell-therapy with holistic medicinal practices. She realized that nutritive imbalances in the body could be counter-acted with using the right type of nutritional supplement and found amino acids to be extremely useful in this pursuit.

She has been successfully using amino acids to help mitigate and nutritionally support people who have type 2 diabetes and people who are pre-diabetics. The synergistic combinations of amino acids have been scientifically evaluated and they were found to be successful in helping enhance pancreatic vitality in general. she has been a strong proponent of observing human physiology as a mind-body complex system and her nutritive treatment modality often always accompanies with activities enhancing mindfulness and to a fair degree apply spiritual principles when applicable and when patients who are willing to try.

She has found in her practices that a great deal of healing occurs when the physiology is integrated through mind-body-spirit oriented medication. With the cutting-edge genomics, just around the block, she plans to integrate personal genomics into helping her evaluate cellular trauma by understanding the genetic basis for trauma and also work on identification of the genetic markers for public education and also to further her research by incorporating her cell-therapeutics background into gene therapy/gene expression/gene editing/ studies along with her colleagues who are a part of large research universities.
Born in Kansas City, Stacy’s passion for her hometown was fostered by her hard-working, Midwestern parents. At an early age, she learned how to be sensitive and self-reliant through her relationships with her two grandmothers, who both possessed a knowledge and love of the natural world. Stacy’s passion to become a critical care nurse was inspired by visiting her grandfather at St. Luke’s Mid-America Heart Institute. This personal experience helped her discover that a healthcare career was a natural fit, and after studying at Penn Valley Community College, she began her nursing career in 1995.

Four years later, she joined the Holistic Nursing Association when she began noticing her patients’ accelerated improvement through the use therapeutic touch, breath work, guided visualization, and reiki.  After having her second child, she left nursing though continued to pursue holistic healing work. Currently, she is working on her Functional Medicine certification.

Most notably, she helped support and also participated in the recent, cutting-edge global research study ‘Self Directed Biological Transformation” (SBTI). The SBTI was Chaired by Dr. Rudy Tanzi of Harvard Medical School and Dr. Deepak Chopra, SBTI looked at the multiple physical and emotional effects of a 6-day immersion into Ayurvedic mind-body practices. The goal was to determine whether the practices of Ayurveda, meditation, and yoga can reverse biological markers of aging, alter cellular biology, genomics, and the microbiome. The study included measurements of psychological wellbeing, markers of inflammation and cell aging, metabolomics, genomics, and changes in microbiome between participants in an Ayurvedic immersion program versus a control group.
Stacy Tucker is supporting dynamic wellness in Kansas City with her new company, Qualia Threads (QT). Their mission is to “build highly conscious, exceptionally healthy, compassionate, and creative innovators.” Home of the global leadership program, STACE, QT uses the next generation of bioscience and functional medicine to develop peak performance enhancing supplements. They help participants learn resilience and self-directed care with an East meets West approach, focusing on innovative amino acid research and breath work.   She is also trained in Therapeutic Touch, Reiki, Yoga, Mindfulness Meditation.

Stacy is also an angel investor and partners with leading scientists and companies with the emergence of bio-technologies and research studies in epigenetics that could measure the effects of these modalities. Currently, Stacy and her collaborators are developing cell therapy based supplements towards enhancing organ vitality.

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