Annie Meachem

Annie has over 16 years experience of life coaching, small business coaching and mentoring. Over the past 10 years she has specialised in working by telephone with professionals diagnosed with OCD, supporting them to manage their day-to-day life in a functional and successful way. The coaching reinforces the application of the strategies advised by the client’s therapist. It helps the client prioritise their responsibilities so as to avoid becoming overwhelmed, and to make practical decisions about daily life on the basis of objective reasoning rather than on irrational fears. The accessibility of telephone support as an emergency backup builds clients’ confidence to confront  their fears and adjust their thought processes appropriately.

In addition to OCD coaching, Annie has run numerous workshops on “Switch on and off your mind”, and is the author of the ebook of the same name. She is also author of “Attraction Marketing”, published in 2005.

  • OCD coaching
  • Mentoring