Don Alexander

Don has been practising and teaching Personal Transformation techniques for the past 50 years. He has been a Reiki Master for 30 years and uses Reiki and guided meditation to help heal both psychological/emotional and physical conditions. Latterly he has introduced the ancient Hawaiian principles of Ho’oponopono into his practice with much success. According to the Old Masters of Ho’oponopono we are all of us (and each of us individually) totally responsible for our World. Not only of the personal World of our body and mind, but of the wider World which we experience all around. They taught that even the problems which others experience in their live, because they occur in our World, are ultimately our problem. The practitioner first needs to take responsibility for, and ‘clean’ his/her own mind and emotions so that the client spontaneously heals. This is a radical  and new approach within the field of Western psychotherapy.

Personal Transformation along with the Transformation of our environment – social and cultural and natural – begins and ends with this remarkably simple practice.

Don Alexander for: Individual Sessions, Group Sessions and Talks and Workshops.

  • Meditation
  • Reiki (First Consultation) (120)
  • Reiki (Follow Up) (100)
  • Group Sessions
  • Individual Sessions
  • Talks and Workshops