Theta HealingTM

Theta Healing is a form of talking therapy which uses muscle testing to reveal the underlying causes of stress or illness. The practitioner works in conversation with the client, testing what statements and beliefs are true for them in relation to the problem they are experiencing. Going in to a meditative state (the Theta brainwave), the practitioner then works at a spiritual level within the client’s energy field. Subconscious negative patterns are replaced with positive feelings & beliefs, to enable physical & emotional healing to take place. Theta Healing is sometimes described as “spiritual NLP” or “focused prayer”.

A unique feature of Theta Healing is the ability to locate causes of mental, emotional or physical issues which have occurred beyond the present lifetime. The practitioner is able to check the ancestral, karmic and soul timelines, then release the problem from its point of origin. Healing then follows, bringing relief from stress or illness in the present life.