BMETM (Body, Mind and Energy)

Our philosophy is to combine modern medicine with complementary treatments. Many problems are psychosomatic (emotional conflicts expressed physically) with energetic disturbances because the body, mind and energy are inseparable. For example, if we receive bad news, we might get palpitations, start sweating or we might feel nauseous or even vomit.

This is an acute physical response to a one-off emotional conflict. However, on-going emotional disturbances, such as stress at work place or at home, usually stay unnoticed at first, because our body and mind can manage them for a period of time. Nevertheless, if these disturbances continue challenging our health, eventually, our energy/immune system might get surpassed and manifest its weakness in form of illness, such as gastric ulcers, high blood pressure or even heart infarction or maybe cancer, for example.

The mind is the inner part of the human being and the body is the outer part. The relationship between mind and body is bidirectional. So anything affecting the body, eventually affects the mind, and vice versa. Because of this, for instance, patients with chronic pain or chronic heart failure usually also suffer from depression. The concept of Multi-Dimensional healthcare was conceived by Dr. Diwakar Sukul PhD as he believes that we human being are complex creations whose health and well-being depends on balance in all dimensions of our life and existence, broadly described as Body, Mind and Energy (BMETM).

The different life dimensions are, however, interdependent, which means that when an imbalance occurs in one dimension it can affect all others. The Kamkus embraces a holistic philosophy which offers in-depth an assessment and treatment programme by leading practitioners from the field of conventional, complementary and alternative medicine. Rather than merely treating the symptoms of a presenting problem we approach the whole person. The Kamkus responds to the need of the individual and offers discerning clients the most appropriate approach from the enormous diversity available within integrated Medicine.

We provide carefully considered access to the best of all healing worlds while you gain the benefits of treatments using skill and knowledge derived from many cultures-often incorporating the wisdom of the centuries – as well as those which represent the best advances of modern healthcare technologies. In order to support a natural state of health and wellbeing, we, at Kamkus, suggest our Multi- Dimensional Assessment that helps you choose the most suitable treatment from a range of conventional, complementary and alternative medicine. In addition, our secondary goal is to amplify the evidence in this field, so conservative hospitals eventually may feel confident to provide integrative medicine, as well. Therefore, all our doctors and health practitioners are involved in specific research programmes.

We believe that, despite the widely spread use of alternative medicine, its benefits should be monitored and available to the public. Both, evidence-based medicine and a holistic approach are imperative.