Emotional/Psychiatric/Psychological Wellbeing

Kamkus Approach

Research : Most of our doctors and health practitioners are involved in specific research programmes.

Emotions are experienced physically in the body as feelings as a result of a complex biochemical cocktail that links the brain, the endocrine system, and the nervous system with every organ and every part of the body. Understanding this complex interaction is vital if we are to achieve wellness and this biochemical basis of emotions underlines the essential link between body and mind.

At Kamkus, our holistic philosophy means we view human beings as complex creations made up of interdependent dimensions. Health and wellbeing depends on a balance in all of these dimensions and an imbalance in one will affect each of the others. Our innovative integrated approach, which combines the best of conventional psychotherapy with traditional eastern methods, allows us to develop personalised wellbeing programmes that aim to strengthen and balance the energies of body, mind and Soul so that an individual’s inner compass always points towards wellness. At Kamkus we look at all of the influences on a person’s emotional health and create a holistic action plan that restores balance and an optimum state of natural good health. Your initial assessment will include a review of the physical, behavioural, energetic and vibrational factors interacting with your emotional wellbeing, following which we will work with you to create a plan that will help lead you towards a balanced state of wellbeing. Our intention is to release you from the toxic effects of negative emotions, maximise the benefits of positive emotions and empower you to emotional wellbeing in a shortest possible time.

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