Three including medical doctor, psychologist and complementary medicine practitioner in general BME assessment.

Will start with £450 and run special offers later

Yes you can. However regular review and monitoring of your progress can be only offered when the treatment is taken at the Kamkus.

You can discuss the modalities of payment with the key assessor. Our goal is to help you with honesty and integrity with some flexibility without affecting your quality of care.

It may take up to three hours. However you can choose to get the assessment at different time or after a gap.

After your assessment the BME team will discuss the findings with the chief assessor and will make the recommendation for the right line of treatment from the range of integrated medicine. The chief BME assessor will give report to you personally in writing with an opportunity for discussion. Your report may take up to 72 hours and if you need it urgently, please discuss it with the BME assessors.

This report can work as a life map for you. It is time consuming for you and for us as well. However comprehensive assessment with the recommendation of right line of treatment will help you to save your time and resources in the future. Our commitment is to provide you deeper understanding of your health and wellness and assist you to achieve the harmonious life.

Yes. You can book an appointment with any practitioner of your choice without BME assessment.

The cost of assessment by three practitioners is highly competitive as we wish to give you the deeper understanding about the causes of your health challenges from four perspectives namely body, mind, energy and environment .The cost of assessment also includes discussions with the health care team including medical director to formulate the right line of treatment chosen from the wide range of modern, alternative and complementary medicine. BME assessment can give you holistic understanding of your health, main problems and the right line of treatment and save lot of your time, money and health issues in the future.

Care package cost will include BME assessor’s recommendation of treatment after discussion with the director of clinical services. Our commitment to you is to suggest the best line of treatment with the best intentions of your quick recovery. We will not recommend any treatments that are not needed for you. Your key assessor when providing you the report will also explain the reasons of recommended treatments.