Indo UK Leadership Summit 1

The Indo-UK leadership conference is a unique opportunity to establish a business link between India and the United Kingdom. This conference aims to boost the open dialogues between the business leaders from the different industries to explore a common platform and partnership in India and the UK.

The conference will also allow the small/big businesses to have dialogues with the business leaders, academics, business professionals, politicians, and government officials from both countries. It will provide an opportunity to exchange ideas and transfer practical knowledge on global business, the Energy Sector, the environment (Including Namami Ganges – River Ganges Cleaning Project), Agriculture, the IT Sector (Cyber Security, Artificial intelligence etc.), Hospitality, Media and Creative Industry and more.

The conference will consist of plenary, workshops, networking, keynote speeches, business presentations, and panel discussions. The concluding session will be held at the House of Commons on 28th September with an award ceremony by the World Book of Records- London to selected participants for their contributions to upholding humanity.


Indo-UK Summit is an organization devoted to entrepreneurs in all industries, at all stages, from incubation to the entrepreneurial lifecycle. The summit brings together the entrepreneurs and business persons, doctors, professors,  parliament members under one umbrella to discuss how they are managing to succeed.

For further information contact :

Prof. (Dr.) Diwakar Sukul

Founder – The Kamkus Clinic   |   Chairman – World Book of Records

Phone: +44 7808 779253  |  Email:  |

For further information contact :

Prof. (Dr.) Diwakar Sukul

Founder – The Kamkus Clinic
Chairman – World Book of Records

 Phone: +44 7808 779253